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An Old Endgame

May 28, 2014, 8:54 PM 1
I simplified the position to one where my opponent had a horrible bishop against my knight which was free to roam around. Not only that, I further saw that black's bishop was very vulnerable, since it had run out of safe squares. I moved in my rook to invade black's territory, while black did the same (at the cost of a pawn). 12 moves later, I trapped the bishop and managed to eliminate it. 5 moves after that, I blundered beautifully and hung my own knight! I played 17. g5+ hoping that the black king would move to g7, after which my knight would jump to e6, forking the king and rook and taking the rook for free... Of course  Ifailed to see that I would HAVE no knight once the king captured it on g7 lol. Nevertheless, I had more than enough winning advantage so I began pushing my passed pawn forwards. Nothing else needs commenting...My pawn on the a-file promoted and 3 moves later I checkmated black.

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