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Feb 23, 2010, 3:30 PM 0

Smile HI EVERYBODY.I like to play chess i like to challenge people all over the world those who who to play chess game please be welcme to that who like to play chess with me thanks; i thanks for the people that who created these chess game on live.com. thats its amazing. appreciate very much and a lots of thanks wow... amaze to see people come all over the world to come to play on chess live.com. wow... and people getting to know each other and chat. thats something else. they did such a wonderful super job. chess is enjoyable who love to play chess game. a spirit of chess game. my rate only 1500 1600 but i try to get that 1700. i know i have long way to go. still learning to see people play chess on live.com. its amazing to see that top play so well wish can play like that person. ofcourse we all like to win lose is hurt we all lose sometime mostly the top play they don't lose that much they seem like they know what they doing; u can trick them u can beat them not easy to trick the top play becareful whoever u play with. u have just to play your game just have to hope for the best.if i can go that far like some people its will surprise me a lot if that happen. finally nothing much to say. once again thanks for everything respect to everyone and the game. no one like to lose. winning its always feeling good the sad part that u lose. but u only learn from mistake hope next time u can play better. we only learning from each other. win or lose is just the part of game just have to keep trying enjoy chess game in everyday of our life. just have to keep smiling. may everyone enjoy chess game take care peace sincerely's adam chanthavong

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