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One Big Chess Game

One Big Chess Game

Nov 13, 2013, 8:34 PM 4

Here is a special essay I wrote as a guest blogger for the Hip-Hop historian and overall superhero Mark Anthony Neal 

My first few days teaching life strategies to at-risk and gang impacted youth using chess, I met three Latino boys. The first was heavyset with black marble eyes, dark curly hair and a body like Baby Huey. The second was super thin with reddish brown Aztec skin, small beady eyes and an unusually slim face. The third, at first glance you might miss really easy. He had an average build, average height but a very sweet smile. Oddly though, his eyes had no emotion- like a snake. It was deeply unsettling. That’s what I remember about meeting him for the first time. I recall going home and telling my wife “I think I met a killer today.”


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