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A psalm of mine

Dec 1, 2009, 6:10 AM 0

  LORD how you have created my being, You made the mountains, the rivers, and the stars. I look at a mountain and I can not fathom the size in my mind. O how greater are you to a mountain! Stars fall, mountains bow, rivers and great torrents stop in your name O LORD. For as large as a river is, you are greater. For as large as a lake is, you are greater. For as large as a sea is, LORD only you are greater. In sight of you, Wolves whimper, lions bow, all the creatures in the sea show reverence towards the one who made them! LORD how much more should we praise your name than all of creation! Lift your hands in the air, shout out with your voices and sing and give praise to the LORD on high! For He created all things and predestines thier life. Amen.

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