A story

Jan 19, 2010, 5:44 PM |

          One day a man was walking through his garden, doing his normal chores of watering the plants and tending to them. As he was walking through, he found a beggar in the garden. He felt pity on the man and offered to bring him into the house and help him. As the man accepted, they both went into the house and began to talk to one another. The beggar soon began to tell how he was just going about his daily walking when he happened into the garden. He saw how beautiful it was and decided to stay for a while to rest his sore feet.  Then the beggar saw the garden tender coming and tried to hide but found nowhere to do so. And was then taken into the tenders household.

   After the two of them had had some time talking with each other. The beggar decided to leave, but before he left he gave the tender a small spherical gift wrapped in cloth and then left.   When the beggar had gone the garden tender opened the gift to find that it was a beautifully crafted orb with a note.  When he read the note it said...  "USE WISELY, for with this orb you have a choice of two wishes that will be granted.    And those choices are...     (A).   you may have wealth beyond compare, nations that will bow at your feet, anything you ask for will be given to you...    Or   (B)  You may have a guaranteed ticket into heaven when you die."      


     At this point the man has two choices... And my friend, the rest of the story is for you to come up with. And the rest of the story, could well be your own.




           This story first of all was just written off the top of my head. And I did not think a word through before I started typing.   But now that I am done I see the meaning to this story.  You have a choice that Christ has given us.  You could spend eternity with Him in heaven if you choose to follow Him. Or you could follow the world and enjoy it for now, but then your judgement will come before the throne, and then your choice will have been necessary.  For there is a hell and there is a heaven.   I recently had a man tell me when I told him about the tortures of hell these words "blah,  at least I will be suffering with all others on earth..."  But my friend, in hell, you will be alone, you will scream for one drop of water on your dry tongue, and you will be sorry, forever...   It is your choice        choose wisely.