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Word of Wisdom

Nov 24, 2009, 3:08 PM 2

  One day a man went to a wise sage for advice. He said that he had so many troubles in his life that he had barely enough time to do his work and was quickly falling behind.  So the sage thought some, then got a cup and started to fill it with the mans favorite type of drink. After he had finished filling it, he kept pouring it into the cup so that now it was spilling over the edge. So seeing that the sage was wasting the drink, the man soon stopped him from pouring it and asked him why he wasted so much...  Then the sage said to him... Like this cup, you are so full of your troubles that you do not have any more room for your work. So first you should clear your mind and think of your troubles one by one. Then solve them like you would solve a simple problem. Then, and only then, you will have time for your work.

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