Tactics Practice - Pinning 5-7

Oct 13, 2011, 10:06 PM |

Next round of tactics problems.  This first one again focuses on utilizing the pin on f7.  See if you can find the winning moves.




















This next one is all about finding a way to create a pin using the weakness of the black king's position.




















In that last puzzle, black really had no options.  Any move other than king moves would have led to a quick mate.  

A bonus puzzle tonight.  This one is a bit tricky, and perhaps tomorrow after I get some sleep, I'll come back and offer some analysis with it.  Anyways, good luck.





















I carried this last one out past where the analysis in the book stopped.  It stopped when mate became forced, so I just carried the puzzle out to the best conclusion to make sure anyone reading this also could finish it off.  Hope you enjoyed.