Tactics Practice - Pinning 1-2

Oct 9, 2011, 5:47 PM |

I've started working through an old chess book, as in pre-algebraic notation old, and since I have several friends on the site who only get to practice tactics three times a day on "ye ol' chess.com tactics trainer," I thought I would share them here so they might get more tactics practice.  The starting theme is "Pinning."


















This next one involves a double pin with the queen and bishop.  How can white take advantage?





















A final thing to consider - the last exercise also demonstrated two strategic themes.  White had a lead in development that allowed him to make his attack.  His queen, bishop and both rooks were active, while all of black's pieces, except for his knight, remained in their original positions.  Which leads to the second theme.  Black's bishop kept his rook out of play.  Because of the black bishop, the rook couldn't defend the back rank, allowing the checkmate.