Using Anger to Your Advantage

Nov 9, 2011, 5:27 PM |

This will sound ridiculous. I admit to that first.  I often run into a problem when working on tactics.  Namely, I at some point fail a problem, get angry, and go on a streak of failures because I get emotionally out of control.  I blame it on the fact that I usually play tactics late at night after I'm already exhausted from a day of work.  So maybe the title to this blog is completely off base.  Anger kills me time and again when practicing tactics, and the recent article by Natalia Poganina make sense when she advises studying tactics in the morning.  When I'm tired they just seem frustrating.

The problem below is a problem I failed several weeks ago.  The exact problem that began one of my tactics rants that results sometimes in a loss of two hundred points on the tactic trainer.  I failed on the last move.  


















I probably shouldn't admit to my angry tactics rants, but there you have it.  I just thought it interesting that the problem stood out so vividly in my head that weeks after failing it, I recognized it instantly.  Passed it this time in 6 seconds and got 100% credit.  Not justifying anger, but at least in this case it made the problem so memorable that I'll never miss something like this again.