Is Chess Just a Game? A Personal Opinion

Is Chess Just a Game? A Personal Opinion

Mar 25, 2014, 2:57 PM |

     Well is this a complicated question? to some people its a hobby, to others its a profession. I mean if you ask some guy with a score of 2500,  I dont think they are going to say it's a game lightly but never the less, it is a game. 

    But dont take offense! Just because something is a game doesn't mean it isn't important, after all i am canadain... 

If you know what I mean.

But never the less people get very hard-core into their chess games, where a simple statement like "good game" at the end of a match will return some hate mail on your profile “wall”. Our games really do define us though, as a person we feel differently when we make the perfect move, or when you snag their queen early in and wait for those several seconds when they realize what they did… 

Ode to that sudden realization

Or on the flip side you could screw everything up…

Never the less it’s a game, one where we all have a story of where we learned how to play. And it’s not usually a normal at school kind of thing like math or soccer. But something a little more meaningful, I learned when I was really young from my sisters first actual boyfriend on the floor in my front room. I played it with my friends in elementary school on days we had to stay inside for recess, and I played with my dad on occasion too. Not many games can spark such emotional memories in oneself just by moving pieces on a checkered board with some guy from Indonesia, and yet this one can.


Maybe I’m being a little too sentimental, maybe it’s just a game and nothing more. All I know is that when my assignments come crashing down, my girlfriend goes crazy, or my dog doesn’t sit when I tell him to… I just take a minute to sit down, relax, and play a game.

(my first blog, I hope you enjoyed... do be gentle)