New Kid on the Block- Noobs Play Chess

New Kid on the Block- Noobs Play Chess

Mar 26, 2014, 11:04 AM |


When it comes to chess I know about as much as a nun knows about sex, I’m around the same skill level of an intelligent monkey, but at least I’m not as cocky as Russia… that I’m pretty sure about. But who cares! Me being horrible comes with some solid benefits, just because my tactics resemble that of a drug cartel doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze by a few good moves every now and again. So without any further delay (or god awful puns) I bring you to my new blog post, The Noob Tube.






          Yes here I will show you some ticks and traps that you should always keep an eye on and monitor constantly, starting here with openings. Okay so first thing everyone knows about openings is that you should control the center, usually with pawn moves, however most new people don’t know that you shouldn’t move your queen out too early because she is a mid/end game piece and far too valuable. Personally, I like the Queens gambit, I’m very comfortable with it and in this particular case the other player rejected my pawn at first and here’s what followed:


             Now because they took with the queen and my horse is in the middle of the board, if they don’t move right than there is another trap by forking the king and the rook with my knight. But opening rook steals are for later, right now we are focusing on queens, which is why I went digging through all my older games from when I first started playing chess again and found this gem of a queen move. And by gem I mean the one from Aladdin that melts as soon as Abu touches it blowing up everything around him really quickly. 


But it was so damn tempting!

And yes I probably made some minor errors as well… but I still won?

Now sometimes you just don't see things, I know I can vouch for that… don’t know how many times I lost my Queen mistook a bishop for a pawn in speed chess and you go all Homer Simpson


It happens, but you’re going to lose and you’re going to lose a lot, hell I lose a lot! That won’t change, because the better you get the better the people challenging you, and that’s the beauty of it because you learn anything from winning but you can learn so much from losing.

Hope you enjoyed my first Noob Tube, hope it enlightened you! There are some queen moves that when done right can be devastating to your opponent, but I can cover some of those traps another time… that is if anyone liked this? If you did let me know by leaving a comment! I won’t ask to be friends or anything weird like that… but comments are nice or even a challenge J