2. a3!?

Jul 24, 2007, 10:56 AM |

I hate that God awful opening when black decides to play 1. e4 c5.  I just want to quit the game right there.  The Sicilian has given me more grief than I need in my limited chess journey so far.  I thought I would take chessiq's advice and just start grinding out some opening schemes and develop them.  "I need to find some opening that suits my style", so I am going to give this one a shot (chessiq, i'd insert a link to your blog but I don't know how).

I plan to counter the Sicilian with  2. a3!? and see where that leads me.  This opening seems very sharp to me and requires precision play on the part of black and sets white up for 3. b4.

My goal is to play 57 games using this opening to get a good concept and feel for this obscure opening.  20 blitz games and 37 long games.  I will post my progress every once in a while.  I am determined to perfect this opening so that it will confuse and demolish the player on the other side.  I hope to have my final report on this opening in a month.  Stay tuned or shoot me a message if you want to know how my results are coming along.  Or if you want to play me so I can try out this opening on different players, by all means challenge away. 

I realize there is ONE book dedicated to this opening, however I am a college student and therefore I would rather not spend $24 on a book.  Plus, I think one of the best ways to study openings is to play, practice and try new variations to find out what works and what could lead to a potential loss.  I am also studying the king's gambit, but that can be put on hold because the Sicilian is killing me (and i don't feel like playing the main lines of the Sicilian, not my style of play). 

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please leave them. 

And I will answer one question right now...

Why are you playing this opening?

: Because I can :