The Rook Has Spoken

Mar 30, 2011, 4:57 PM |

Hrokur Alls Fagnadar is a group of three amateur chess players in Iceland. The group has been active for several years now. Here comes an introduction to the group members. First I like to mention Valur, who is an aggressive e4 player as white. He has worked as a chess tutor for children at young age. Being a gentleman when playing, he takes losses quite seriously. He is a very strong endgame player. The next one is David, who has done a great self study in the world of chess. He's probably the only one who didn't play chess with his father back in the days as the other two group members did. He likes to play d4 as white but is very open e4 as well. David has made a great progress in chess through the last 2 years or so, with extremely good tactics. At last I will mention Fridrik. He is obsessed with classic opening theory and not so much into irregular openings. He's getting more and more aggressive after being too passive, and the endgame, being his main weakness, is slowly getting better.

This site will contain results from our tournaments from now on, along with some discussions on chess positions and such.

Below you'll find the very aggressive Evans Gambit, a great and really fun continuation of the Giuoco Piano which is a part of the Italian game which goes all the way back to 16th century.