My First Live Online Game

Aug 19, 2011, 9:20 AM |

I'm a complete newbie chess player.  I have played in the past but never really studied the game.  I joined this week and played my first online live game yesterday.  I worked on some tactic puzzles and went through the first few basic courses in the Chess Mentor.  The computer games were totally smearing me on the easiest level so I decided to play a live game against a real human and it was a disaster.

My opponent was rated 1310 and he easily crushed me.  I realize that I monumentally failed during the opening because I just didn't know what to do.  I made my first huge blunder on move 4 and it became a comedy of errors after that.  I ended up resigning on move 17 right after he took my queen.

I'm not discouraged though.  I am new and will need to play a few games to get my rating to adjust to where it needs to be and I can find some players of comparable skill to mine.  I'll continue to go through the mentor lessons, work on tactics and study a few openings.  I'll play some more live games in the meantime.

I'm really enjoying  The amount of info here is staggering and the tools to learn and improve your game are staggering.  I had toyed with "getting into" chess for years, but never made the jump because I couldn't commit the time to go the local clubs (I'm a family man).  Now I have a convenient online outlet to learn with and I'll be ready for the local clubs when I get the time.