?Question? How to Challeng freinds or old opponents for live chess play

can some one tell me how to challenge a friend or person ive played previously in a live game for a new live game? I cant figure out how to do so on my pc. The phone app lets you do so easier


  • 17 months ago


    Myself and a friend I have played with including 6 other people i know are all asking the same thing - why is it so difficult and confusing to challenge the same person to another game. I have browsed through your screens and damned if I can figuire out how to challenge my friend for another game.  Surely to do this should be the easiest thing to do on your site.  

    Please explain in simple language what I need to do to challemge my friend to a new game.  Thank you.   Mike Haywood  (mike6haywood) 

  • 4 years ago


    Whats the answer?

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