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Tranfering computer skills to real board play

Tranfering computer skills to real board play

Nov 6, 2012, 1:17 AM 2

Ok 1st of all I've had the illist night. I lose two out of three games (played on  a standard tournament size board) come home log onto Chess.com and commit the most horrendous blunder in online play against Ah_ch ......arrrggghhh. As for my topic. How many of you guys have trouble converting your online skills to a real board? I may have asked this before but now I'm a little livid over my losses earlier this evening and I really want to remedy this problem. Does any one have any recommendations? I plan to join a local chess club so I can play multiple games without having to rent a board and play a chess hustler in downtown San Francisco. Whats a good way to help transfer what I've learned better to actual standard tournament size board play? Does any one have any stories to share about dealing with this type of situation?

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