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Chess by Mail

Apr 25, 2008, 3:00 PM 0
I am excited. I have started my first chess by mail game with a friend of mine. In speaking about it to other friends, they cannot conceive of why we would want to spend money mailing little sheets of paper with moves on them. For me the excitement comes from the anonymity. Now when I go to the mail my hope is  to sift past all the garbage and the bills to that little envelope with the next move. How exciting! And yet others cannot understand the joy. I ask you who read this, what are your thoughts or experiences on chess by mail? The friends who just don't understand ask "Why not text message each other?" "or Email even"? "At this rate, it'll take you forever to finish the game." To which I reply "The idea is to get away from the instant gratification that society has imposed upon us with their fast food chains and instant microwave burgers. What say you to this? Do you feel the same? Back in the day Lords of Manors would seal their move with wax and have a horseman deliver the message to each other... How Grand!!! I think at some point just for the cool factor I am going to higher a man to go dressed in authentic garb holding my move which has been sealed by wax. I think that would be so great.

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