Computer Analysis

Can someone please explain what this analysis says?  What is meant by 'strength', 'score', etc.?  This is my first attempt at using analysis, and I can't find the users manual!

Thanx for all help, Tahu


  • 4 years ago


    Still can not get to the link, even on the above link... same message as I got with a copy and paste... error message shown below...

    Oops?! Invalid server request!

    It appears you are passing some invalid parameters in your request. Please try again or contact us if you feel this was our fault.


    so can't get in to follow the analysis... but those terms, I have not seen, so no help here...  most of my analysis just say "BLUNDER" or "BAD MOVE"... lol... and finding things on can be tough for sure, but it is probably around somewhere.   see you in another game sometime... 

  • 4 years ago


    OK, the blogs don't come with a users manual either!!! is the link, if someone wants to give me a basic idea of how this works,

    Thanks again!

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