4NCL with the Celtic Tigers (Part 3)

4NCL with the Celtic Tigers (Part 3)

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Hi All,

This is the 3rd part of blog series were I describe my experience in 4NCL playing for Celtic Tigers. 

You can see the first two parts here and here.

So going into the final weekend of the regular season we still had chances to qualify for the promotion pool - we needed not to lose to Cheddleton 1 team. Let me tell you something - it was easier said than done.

Cheddleton 1 Lineup

To say the least we were underdogs in this match and unfortunately there wasn't a miracle turnaround. Anyway let's get to the final game of the regular season!

Round 7

It was a tough, but deserved loss. Clearly I wasn't on top of my game this day and my opponent exploited that and the fact that he is a very strong player.
Overall, we lost the match 2-6. Chris Skulte managed to beat IM from Iceland in a classy fashion to keep Celtic Tigers pride. Since we lost the match, now it was time to fight for a spot in the highest league in the upcoming season. So we had 4 extremely important matches ahead of us.
In round 8 we were facing solid Oxford 1 team. They had only 20 points more in average rating than us this weekend, so we were determined to win the match.
Round 8

So it was a nerve-wrecking game for me, but all that ends well is good. Unfortunately this wasn't enough for our team to win the match. In fact we lost 3,5:4,5. So everything will be left to the last weekend of the league - to be or not to be for Celtic Tigers in the highest league next season?!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog-post and the grand finale part will come next week!

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