New Years tournament in Copenhagen!

New Years tournament in Copenhagen!

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Jan 7, 2017, 7:22 AM |

Hello Dear Chess Friends in the New 2017 Year!  

I hope all of you have had a great Holiday season and a nice start of the new year!

In the very end of 2016, I decided to participate in another classical chess tournament (God knows I have had a couple of those in the past months!). The tournament was organized by none other than ØBRO chess club here in Copenhagen (yep, it's the same club, which organized the tournament I earned my first IM norm!). My goal for the tournament was to play some good games and potentially earn a couple of rating points as well.  

About the tournament - 7 rounds in 4 days, time control - 120 minutes for the first 40 moves and then additional 30 minutes after move 40. I have to admit that I don't recall playing such time control ever before, but in the end of the day you gotta play good chess and the time control is just a side factor, right?

Round 1

I was paired against a young Danish talent Kakulidis Ellen with Black pieces: 

Round 2
I was paired again against a talented youngster from Denmark. While one would think it should be easier to win a game with White pieces, it proved to really difficult as my opponent put up some really good fight.
Round 3
I was paired against the No. 1 seed player by rating GM Jonny Hector from Sweden. While in the first two rounds I didn't manage to do any serious preparation as there was no time before the round 1 and my opponent in round 2 didn't have any relevant games in the database, than in round 3 things were different, and I had the chance to prepare at least for the opening stage of the game. However, I discovered that my opponent plays rather many openings, so it was difficult to prepare a certain variation in depth. Instead I looked over all the possible lines to make sure I don't get lost in either of the variations my opponent chooses to play.
Game against Hector was the one game I was really looking forward before even the tournament start. Unfortunately, I didn't play at my best, but it surely was a good lesson and I will try to beat him next time!
Round 4
The game surely wasn't a clean win, and obviously playing Qc7 instead of continuing with my plan of f5-f4 on move 15 was a mistake. Nevertheless, the mistake was made due to not precise calculation, so that's something to work on. Later I think I made as much as I could from the game and played actively to create some chances. 
Round 5
I was again paired against a young Danish player, and I have always been a bit afraid of the youngsters as they often can surprise you and play much better than their rating suggests.
I made a couple of critical mistakes, which cost me half a point. It wasn't bad luck, but just bad play and calculation. I really need to improve as games like this should be converted.
Round 6
After missed opportunities in round 5 I was paired against the strongest Danish player under 18. And I had to face him with Black pieces, which I wasn't really thrilled about. But I was thinking ok, now it's time to show a good game and defend well.
Round 7
In the last round I got Black pieces against Tobias Valentin Rostgaard, who is rated 2327. I was a little annoyed by having to play the last two games with Black, but after the lucky win in round 6 I felt like it's ok. Round 7 was 1 hour after round 6 finished, which I played for 5 hours, so I was pretty exhausted and my concentration wasn't at its finest, which also somewhat showed in the game.
So I finished the tournament with a rather bad game, which resulted in an average total result as I scored 4,5 points in 7 games and lost 3 rating points.
While I didn't show my best play during the tournament, now I can clearly see what areas of my play I need to work on and improve. So this tournament surely was a good check point before the year 2017!
P.s. I am currently looking for tournaments to play this year, so if you know any good options, please let me know!
Hope you enjoyed my post and please feel free to leave me any feedback and suggestions!
See you at the tables,