Round 1: Riga Magicians vs Norway Gnomes

Round 1: Riga Magicians vs Norway Gnomes

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Jan 13, 2017, 3:58 AM |

Dear Chess Friends!

On Wednesday, 11 January PRO Chess League officially kicked off with an exciting first round! 

While there were many interesting matches scheduled for the day and several super GMs playing such as Li Chao, MVL, Mamedyarov and others, the central match of Eastern Division was between Riga Magicians and Norway Gnomes.

Norway decided to play this match without their leader Magnus Carlsen, however, they still had a decent lineup led by GMs Jon Ludvig Hammer and Aryan Tari. Whereas Riga Magicians lineup included GMs Igor Kovalenko and Arturs Neiksans, IM Toms Kanans and Ritvars Reimanis.

Riga Magicians took an early lead in the match by winning first round 3,5:0,5 and after that never really giving any chances for the Norwegians to equalize to score, which led to an end result of 10,5:5,5 in favor of Riga Magicians. 

You can read GM Arturs Neiksans reflections on the first match and see all the games here.


We want to say a BIG thank you to all the people following our match and rooting for our players! And for those you who haven't heard of Riga Magicians before round 1 and would like to find out more about our team and the players, please do follow us on our Facebook page by hitting the 'Like' button there.


Time to prepare for the Round 2! 



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