Swedish league match - a tough Sunday

Swedish league match - a tough Sunday

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Nov 20, 2016, 9:39 AM |

Hello Dear Reader!

Today I had the privilege to travel to a lovely Swedish town called Helsingborg and help my chess club from Malmo to fight with Helsingborg's team. This was the second round in Swedish league this season, but first game for me as I couldn't play the match before, which Malmo won 5-3. 

Together with Thomas we decided that I should play with Black pieces on second board, so that he can have White on first, so he would be fighting for a win and I would try to make at least a draw. According to ratings our team was a big underdog, and sadly it also showed in the total result.

During the week I had some time to prepare for my game, so I was ready to put up a good fight!

High in spirits I started my day off with a champion's breakfast - 

I live in Copenhagen (Denmark) and the match was in Helsingborg (Sweden). Even after living quite a few years here in Denmark and travelling to Sweden frequently, I'm always fascinated by the bridge that they have built to cross the sea between Sweden and Denmark (you can see a little piece of it in the picture below).

Listening to music and walking through the sunny streets of Helsingborg to the chess club.

I'm definitely not happy with the outcome of this game. I think I played well in the opening, but then when I should have just simplified the position by playing Bxd6, I undervalued this move and went for more complications, where in my calculations I missed the move Nf7. It's not often I get in time trouble in classical games, which definitely played a big role in this game. I guess I need to figure out how to manage my time properly during the game and keep my cool when down on time (Easier said than done! Any ideas how could I improve in this aspect of game?).
Despite the loss, I feel that my understanding of different positions has improved and I am looking forward to my next games/tournaments.
Thank you for your attention and see you at the tables!