Early Morning Chess

Nov 17, 2016, 12:58 AM |

I was determined to only play one game this morning and I can proudly say that when I sat up in bed and flicked on chess.com I managed to put my app down and rise from bed once my g was complete! Needing to rub sleep from eyes, my first game of the day is always a challenge but a great way to wake up my brain!


Today I faced Bucko, no nationality given, and faced a slight variation of the Accelerated Dragon Sicilian. It was a simply 1. e4 c5, 2. Nf3 d6, 3. d4 PxP, 4. NxP but with black playing g6 rather than Nf6. I’ve looked around to understand why the Nf6 should come first but in essence it doesn’t seem to matter. White’s hand isn’t forced into Nc3 to protect the e pawn, but apart from this it will usually head back into the main line as Nf6 is played later.


I think its safe to say that there were a fair few blunders in this early morning game. Black castled into an open queenside, even though he was attempting an attacking on the same side. I missed a pawn that was en prise (though in a blitz game I really was more interested in attackinge) and then missed leaving my knight en prise (now I really was interested in avoiding mistakes such as that).


Towards the end, thanks to the poor morning standard of both of us, I was in a close to mating position and the checkmate was in sight.



Here I missed the mating sequence (though there was no way of escaping mate and I would shortly play a different game winner). It’s clear that white has the beautiful disclosed attack on the king, resulting in a forced sacrifice of black’s queen. The light coloured bishop is also pinned, giving threats of mates on a6 (though obviously not yet!).


RxP+! QxB




This little sequence seals the deal. Ka8 would have simply ended with Ra6+ BxR, Qa7++ whilst this nice little manoeuvrer is finished with Ka8, QxP Ba6, QxB++.


There’s always satisfaction in ending the games with those little mating nets, finding the combinations that are an impossible trap to escape. Though it cannot be said that this was one of my best games, it has given me a bit of satisfaction and a small smile to start the day with. On with the farming...