18 Board Simultaneous Chess Display by David Fitzsimons FM

Apr 9, 2016, 6:14 AM |

Bray/Greystones Chess Club recently hosted a 18 Board Simultaneous Chess Display by David Fitzsimons FM in the home of their club, the Esplanade Hotel on Bray's Sea Front. In the past, notable players from the local area such as Johnny Joyce and Colm Daly have taken up the challenge but this time David stepped in to test himself against 18 players with a variety of ages and standards. David finished with a score of 14/18 including 13 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. The President of Bray/Greystones chess club, Mervyn Honner, has kindly written a report on the event:

Recently, I asked Pat. Fitzsimons if he could please convey to his son David, our very sincere THANKS & appreciation for his magnificent display in The Esplanade Ballroom, last Wednesday !

Johnny Joyce (2150) of Bray CC, observed that David could have had a better score for himself, had he continued/delayed, playing ( ie; played slower ), `til say; 11.30 PM +, but no he was very prompt & sporting, in his performance, finishing, circa 10.00 PM, which was particularly helpful/appropriate, considering that quite a number of the talented players facing him, were young ( U-18 ) & in need of an early night; a bit like myself!?

In the end, three players managed to win, against David; 1. Sean Cullen 1432 ( Bray CC ) & 2. Shane Melaugh 1653 ( Elm Mount CC ) & 3. Conor Nolan 1478 ( Bray CC ), while just 2 were granted draws; 1. Garrett Curran 1815 ( Bray CC ) & 2. Felix Jordan 1171 ( Rathmines Juniors CC ).

Afterwards, David selected two players for the "best games" of the night, for an award of FREE ENTRY to Bray Rapid 2016, on Sunday 19. June. 2016; namely; 1. Conor Nolan & 2. Felix Jordan. Well done to both players for their excellent performance, against one of the most outstanding young (25) chess players, in Ireland ! Really David, anyone who can win 2/3 full ICU rated consecutive games, against the great Colm Daly FM (2355), of Bray CC, is a Real/True Talent!

Finally, thanks to all who played & to those behind the scenes, helping to set up the chess gear & take entries, etc; namely; Johnny Joyce, Paul Ryan, Allen Gaughan & Eric Bennett, all of Bray CC. Thanks for helping to make dreams come true, lads ! Who will it be, Next Year ? ( IE; To give a Simultaneous in Bray CC ? ). Watch this space!

Yours in chess,

Mervyn Honner

President of Bray/Greystones Chess Club

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