2016 ICU Sponsorship and Partnerships

2016 ICU Sponsorship and Partnerships

Mar 17, 2016, 4:15 PM |

The following is a full list of the ICU's current partners and sponsors for 2016. The full terms are confidential as per their wishes and will be made known in the Annual Treasurer's Report later this year.

New Ireland Assurance:

Over the past couple of years, New Ireland Assurance has provided the ICU with much needed investment, which included sponsoring the 2014 Irish Championships and the 2015 Irish Junior Championships. They will now be supporting the ICU as we attempt to develop our game in areas where chess has not been traditionally played.


I have already briefly mentioned our Partnership with Awardsandgifts.ie, which will stretch into 2018 and support the Irish Women's Championship, the National Club Championships and the Irish Intervarsities. However, they will also be supporting our organisers and anyone else involved in Irish chess as they have kindly offered to provide discounts of 10% on orders under €1,000 and 12.5% on orders over €1,000. Simply mention "chess" when ordering with them to avail of this offer.


As well as sponsoring the EasyStream Irish Rapidplay Championship and the Irish Blitz Championship, Easystream have offered a significant discount on their T8 Android TV Box, which was the device awarded to the winner of the aforementioned events. Simply use the code "chess25" when ordering.


Espion is one of our latest event sponsors. They will sponsor the The Espion Irish Junior Championships 2016 this year and we hope they continue to assist Irish juniors in the future.

WholeSale Chess:

A number of months ago, we announced an ICU deal with Wholesale Chess. We have used this deal to help set up clubs in UCD (which has 60 members already) and Castlebar and it will next be used to set up a number of new clubs in schools around the country. They offer incredibly competitive rates for anyone looking to buy equipment.


Our Partnership with Chess.com has given us access to thousands of potential members and we are still exploring how best to attract these players to the ICU in the future.