The 2016 Irish Intervarsities

Apr 9, 2016, 6:15 AM |

The 2016 Irish Intervarsities took place in University College Cork and had a good mix of players from different Universities with a wide array of playing strength, ranging from unrated to strong club players. A good tournament seemed to be had by all and hopefully some of the unrated players will see this as a stepping stone into the general Irish chess scene in the near future. A full report by Keegan O'Mahoney can be seen here. The final placings can be seen here. The event itself came down to the very last match and two of Munster's strongest players were in contention: Hugh Doyle and Keegan O'Mahoney. Their game from round 3 can be seen here. The event was sponsored and some of the trophies that were on offer can be seen below.

If you'd like to read more about events that have sponsored and will be sponsoring or learn more about past intervarsities, here are some articles which may interest you:

The 2015 Irish Women's Championships was the first ICU event sponsored by

The 2016 National Club Championships will be sponsored by from 2016-2018 - the closing date for this year's event is April 9th.

The Intervarsities has been running for a number of years on and off but we hope to find it a home on the ICU calendar and help encourage university chess with the foundation of a University Union.