A Reponse to "Tuesday" With In Depth Analysis

A Reponse to "Tuesday" With In Depth Analysis

Jul 14, 2009, 7:03 PM |

a one-lined blog called "Tuesday" appeared only briefly here and then was torn from the world, but not before it significantly altered my life's path.   I hesitate to reprint it here in its entirety, because it really should be read in the original context, but needless to say, its mention of "don't bogart the cowbell" left me forlorn, nostalgic, stunned, defenseless against a new reality.

For you see, I have been hoarding the cowbell.

I saw in an instant that the life I've been leading has been churlish, self-effacing, and, above all else, usufruct. 

Which is why almost the first thing I wrote in response to Tuesday was this:

We are as brothers.

This is the lesson of Tuesday.  


I believe it was Mortaneus who said it best when he intoned:

"O Little Vampire, With So Many Pawns, Can You Hope To Find The True Player?"--Blood Omen, Playstation.


In between sniffles, I plowed ahead with my response to "Tuesday", producing the following:

We are as Undiscovered Jesusses, littering the earth with the monkeys we juggle and then discard.  Landfills full of juggled monkeys.   On my next trip to the zoo, sir, I will punch that donkey and think back upon our time spent together here in this, the finest of internet chess blog arenas, and I will learn to love again.


Looking back on that day now, I find myself just as moved as ever, just as committed to spreading the word of what has transpired on Tuesday.  Let me say that if you find these truths difficult to digest, imagine how much more searing they were to experience firsthand.   Now please join me in a moment of silence for the dear Christopher Walken.  Though he may have left us, or may not have left us--who can keep track, really--he will never be forgotten.   So say we all.