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Chess Rocket Propelled Grenades--Are You At Risk?

Chess Rocket Propelled Grenades--Are You At Risk?

Jan 28, 2009, 2:03 AM 0

Some chess.com members are now speaking openly of the Chess RPG (link below) which is an explosive device at least 750% more dangerous than any other chess-related weopon.  And I will no longer hold silent on the matter: 

The actual historical RPG deployed by the Russians during the 60s resembles very closesly the device popularized in the James Bond movie Octapussy after being declassified in 1973.   Its blast radius of 12' proved suficient to effectively end any over-the-board game of chess, no matter who was ahead in points.  During this time in history, lest we forget, Russians and Americans were actively seducing each other's top chess players using attractive chess club hostesses who would extract sensitive information from a road-weary foreign chess luminary by way of perpetually checking his crotch.  

(The only surviving photographic evidence of these hostesses has been included with this document for your perusal.  They, and all records of their activity were destroyed by Chess RPG bombardment shortly after this photo was taken. )


This link will take you to the chess.com member who has devoted the most time and money to researching the Chess RPG, along with his original source material from which this blog derives.  My only word of caution to you, gentle reader, is that this man--while Australian--is in truth also a blogger, which makes this a blog about a blog, which means that this information has appeared at least twice on chess.com and thus has been confirmed.   But be wary, oh reader, of the blogger who posts a topic for the sole purpose of inviting you to his blog!   For what that means is the information he's about to impart to you is far too dangerous to share on the message board itself!   You are about to be exposed to truths so disconcerting you may be unable to return to your daily lives!   But turn not away from the truth about Chess RPGs!  For that path leads only to blind lust!   And we have no time for indulging our passions until our local chess clubs are made safe from the Chess RPG threat!     We must think about our children's safety.   We must act.

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