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Gender Bending Pawn Promotions

Gender Bending Pawn Promotions

Dec 15, 2008, 5:16 PM 2

From an old post about imagining what's happening on the chessboard in real world terms so it makes more sense:


Some of what happens on the board is odd.  There's no friendly fire in the game, and the surest way to safeguard your king is sometimes hiding in front of opposing pawns.  Together with gender-bending field promotions, it might be time for a senate inquiry into chess.

 If this queening thing really bothers you and you're looking for a way to explain it in real warfare terms, try this:

by getting past the enemy forces, the pawn was able to break away from the battle and deliver a message to a neighboring realm, which agreed to send reinforcements in return for a political alliance with your king (hence his new marraige to the Lady of the neighbor castle.  The Queen on the chessboard actually represents her platoon of troops, as all the other pieces stand in for a whole batch of cavalry, a cadry of clerics (for bishops I always like to picture the Spanish Inquisition on horseback), and for rooks (this one's tough) I imagine there's lots of run-down forts and old castles littering the countryside and of those the rooks represent whichever ones are currently infested by encamped troops (that way I don't have to explain why castles are so highly mobile.)  The infantry is then able to range outward from that nearby fortress and wreak the damage that we see from rooks.

For the queen, I picture a separate military unit of "Queen's Men" who came from whatever land the queen was from before she married the king.  These men would naturally be among the finest chivalry that land had to offer, because they're the kind of bravos who travel the world and are out to impress their new king and in so doing augment the honor of their queen.  (That's why they're able to fly around the board and accomplish the amazing feats we're used to seeing from queens, because they're like special forces and they're motivated enough to whip the bejesus out of their steeds.)

I'll stop now. 

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