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    • Holiday Super Specials

        Happy Holidays! I have some books/items on special every month. But around the holidays, I have a couple of super specials. This time it is a bargain offer in my latest book (see review in the November Chess Life) and my private lessons. ... | Read More

    • Attend chess camp without leaving your house

      Black Friday Special  Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Attend chess camp without leaving your house. New books from Mongoose press. Chess is booming on the scholastic level! My main recommendations for parents and coaches have been very much t... | Read More

    • When having a Luft is not enough

      Current Specials   From Wikipedia - "Luft, the German word for "air" (sometimes also "space" or "breath"), is used by some chess writers and commentators to denote a space left by a pawn move into which a castled king may move, especially such ... | Read More

    • Defending made simple

      Current Specials   Hello,  Recently Convekta ( released several new training courses. I am a big fan of their training CDs, especially Chess Endgame Training and CT-ART 3-0. When I learned of new courses, I was eager to check... | Read More

    • Bruce Pandolfini on Chess Exam

       From Q&A with Bruce Pandolfini on (06/23/2010) Question I know you have published a lot of books, so maybe you realize how chess publishing is exploding, with many incredible chess books being out there now. Is there one you ... | Read More

    • Training before, during and after World Open in Valley Forge

      Hello, If you are one of thousands of players coming to Valley Forge (20-25 min by car from downtown Philadelphia) to participate or watch the famous World Open Festival  (6/25-7/4), please let me know. I will be spending a good amount of time ... | Read More

    • Zigzagging to Success or Dancing with the Q

      Current Specials   "Zigzagging moves or Dancing with the Queen!" .   In one of my earlier articles, I have already discussed importance of reviewing your games and how even a sample only 3 games can show some unusual patterns, enable a playe... | Read More

    • Interview with Chess Scoop

      Hello, You can see me talking about my latest book Chess Exam Matches You vs. Bobby Fischer with Chess Scoop at the Liberty Bell Open (Philadelphia, January 2010). Click here If you read this book or my other books, please let me know your t... | Read More

    • Lessons from the simul

      Hello, Back in December, my good friend Nigel Mitchell invited me to play a simul and present my new book "Chess Exam Matches: You vs. Fischer"at the North Penn Chess Club (NPCC) in Lansdale, PA, where he is one of the officers. I eagerly acc... | Read More

    • Improve your chess - for all levels!

      Hi, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Best wishes in 2010! I've been asked  so many times by casual fans of chess and serious competitors on how to improve and what I can do to help, that I decided to record my answers into this video and po... | Read More