BIG TALK:What do you guys think?

Dec 31, 2015, 12:10 PM |

There is this Chess Master that is on here I will leave him anonymous. He only play unrated games and mostly is bullet games. P.S, I believe unrated games you can use engine BUT a title player of his caliber? i just think is wrong....
now okay truth be told. he must be good since he is a master and recently got his GM- norm. anyway, what I want to mention to all the readers out there is that, out of those bullet matches in total he played near 5000 games, the record that stands as of now is (W/4000+/ L/100+/ D/20+) <-- this is just for example so my readers can judege for yourself. now that is a great record. BUT! did he win FAIRly? Now,that is the question that I want to raise because I have look at his games and it look to me like almost all of them are just plain engine moves. if this master is cheating. i ONLY have a one word for him... SHAMEFUL! 

Now, I have another account back in the days, in which I once played against him, and okay it was like 11 games in total, i WAS destroyed in all 11 games. even back then, not because i lost, but the way he play, i was suspicous of him. 

Summary: 1.yes, i know is unrated. but a title player of his caliber shouldn't be cheating at all and don't need to really. 2. if he is cheating, I lose respect to him.. and i pray that not other title players follow his footstep. because hey I respect masters. I look up to chess masters. i got into chess, because of chess masters!! 3. some say how could he cheat in bullet? well, it seem there are a way to cheat in any time control.... 4. CHESS is / will never be the same now due to the era of engines and their capabilty. 5. thanks for reading, and comments  any questions. 

- IMShanks Cool