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I played a NM

Sep 2, 2015, 12:03 PM 7

I signed up to play a 1/0 tourney[ open ]. I had come 2nd and 3rd in a good few tourneys, but never 1st. Then to my amaze a NM[AngryWeasel] signed up. At the start of the tourney, I was seeded 16th. I lost my first game, but in the next 6 games i won 4, drew one and lost one. After the 7th game, I was 3rd. Then, I was drawn against a NM.The game went on for 45 moves. I lost on time, but i was only loosing by a pawn. I had a open lane for a pawn, so I was unlucky. I ended up finishing 5 th out of 24, and I was happy with my result

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