Making the Cut... vs. TheAxeman (1550)

Making the Cut... vs. TheAxeman (1550)

Jan 25, 2017, 8:04 PM |

In 2017, I will not make-up any excuses when the score is to my opponent`s favor... so that the end result will tell the tale of my chess journey back to a 1600 blitz rating.

So, as I look back to what went wrong, and think about if there is any real possibility of climbing the chess ladder to a higher horizon, I ask myself these forward-looking questions:

1- How good (or bad) did I play relative to my opponent?
2- What is my desired target?
3- Can my chess game improve based on my current chess knowledge?

The first question can be answered on the chess board, including the game analysis (Remember that no other excuses will be acceptable in 2017). What more can I say? Another close game... A "blitz" breathtaker to the finish line. The fear of losing sometimes can help you overcome a few obstacles! But, what will you do when players with a higher rating are more serious than "TheAxeman"? How about the same "Axeman" now being rated >1700...

(free quick 2 minute game analysis by
Strength          White Black
Excellent                20       25
Good                         9         6
Inaccuracy (?!)         2        1
Mistake (?)               2         2
Blunder (??)             1         0
Forced                       0         0
Best Move        32.3%   64.5%
Avg. Diff               0.92      0.50


The second question is more personal. But, by setting a realistic target such as 1600 (after a hell of a roller coaster ride that sinked my rating below 1400), this brings me back to a more respectable level. And, for a seasoned and aging player as myself (I only learned to play the game as an adult), I must confess that incessant "blitz" battles with the younger generation will not rejuvenate anyone other than the "ego" on the other end of your computer screen. I also realize that players in this range are so unpredictable, and fairly talented, that I can only describe it as a "dog-eat-dog" category. Anyone coming out of such blitz battles alive and healthier, is quite a feat...

The third question is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. The only problem is, I no longer consider myself to be an amateur yet, I lack the discipline to compete consistently and successfully against higher rated players.

So, if you have ever been screened out, or failed short from making the cut in any discipline, this type of decision may come around again later in life. Maybe it is another reminder that as the game gets more serious the competition also demands the best from you. And, the best in me presently is telling me: "Pace" to the finish line...


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