The Windmill: Once in a lifetime!

Jan 9, 2014, 8:14 PM |

In a previous article, many were disappointed that The Windmill turned out to be a fake, and, I thought for a moment the FOR SALE! sign was going to be taken down. The commentary was helpful and enlightening but it is never pleasant to find out the hard way. (For the previous article, Windmill... FOR SALE! see the following link:

If you ever ask yourself what the chances are that you will employ The Windmill in a chess game, my answer is: How about once in a lifetime!

In over 4000 games I have played at, not one compares to a recent bullet game where The Windmill turns out to be the winning combination with a few seconds left on the clock. That's right, in a one minute game!

I have played better chess games but this one is unthinkable (just because of this one combination or tactic). It is like catching a bullet with your teeth when it's just about over. To be more realistic, it is like catching a bullet with The Windmill. MAYBE IT’S TIME TO COOL OFF!

See for yourselves.

The Windmill... takes a bullet!