When to Block a Username: A dialogue with "the devil"...

Jun 22, 2016, 7:43 PM |

Below I have posted a conversation between myself (IMperf_X_ion00) and someone who goes by the moniker "JesusIsFalseGod". The purpose of displaying this dialogue is to point out why it is necessary to stand up for your beliefs, or when you should block a username.

This all started when I was searching chess.com's public database and I stumbled upon a profile with the most offensive moniker. Why I say it is offensive? I state the following reasons:

1- Jesus Christ, in the spirit of the Lord, suffered at the hands of "authorities" the worse punishment of the times (crucifixion) for adhering to "a mission" of delivering (and sacrificing himself for) God`s people. Did he fail on this mission? Not at all. This was only the beginning!
2- Thousands of martyrs and innocent people have been tortured and crucified throughout history, for their faith in the true God. Calling their "Savior" false is like saying He never existed, and that Jesus Christ was just another insignificant being in the course of history. 

3- Christianity is an established religion of over 2000 years with millions of followers worldwide. Calling the Second Person of the Trinity (the Son of God) false is like trying to re-write history with lies and total disregard or disrespect for the truth, including events that have occured since.

4- JesusIsFalseGod, (or stating that "Jesus is a False God.") is an outright accusation, rejection and denunciation of God's chosen Son. Only a hater would "dare" display such a moniker, confounding his right for "freedom of speech" by ironically expressing such contempt and disgrace toward God's elect.

5- JesusIsFalseGod, I personally believe is either propagating "a message of hate" or trying to stir up more innocent people... This could well be another futile attempt by "the antichrist" to stir up more problems for Christianity and society at large.


I have labeled this conversation (which I re-constructed from my saved notes) "a dialogue with the devil". Why the devil? Because there are two individuals (or personalities) in a struggle here, once again. The only question is, do other members find this example to be a serious subject matter, or is it just another insignificant "cry in the wild" (or in the dark) with no one paying attention.

Chess.com and interested members, I am asking for your help in shedding some light on this battle off the chessboard: where two members have blocked one another, and my objective being... to ask for a change of moniker for the following user, as soon as possible: JesusIsFalseGod.

-------Dialogue (from June 01 to June 22nd 2016)

001- IMperf_X_ion00: Moniker Alert! God's "chosen son"! fake? After having endured the pain on the cross (the worse punishment of the times) as an innocent man, for sinners...

002- IMperf_X_ion00: To call Jesus Christ fake is to insult his humanity.... But, worse is your ignorance, especially in chosing your moniker:  JesusIsFalseGod.

003- IMperf_X_ion00: The people did not accept Him or His son as their savior because of something worse then ignorance... lies and deceit.

004- IMperf_X_ion00: Baaaadddd english!! Change your moniker!

005- IMperf_X_ion00: If I decipher that moniker for you... it spells out "Jesus Wanted".

006- IMperf_X_ion00: How bad do you want Jesus! Case closed. Please, change your moniker.

007- JesusIsFalseGod: the jesus of bible committed sins, made false prophesies and himself worship another god. what kind of god worships another god!? how many persons do you worship?

008- IMperf_X_ion00: Jesus worshiped his true Father, passed along His message, and was proclaimed by the one who baptised with water: John.

009- IMperf_X_ion00: 1 Peter 1:18-19

010- JesusIsFalseGod: how many persons do you worship? dont be ashamed of your faith, spill it out

011- IMperf_X_ion00: people light up a candle for every decent human being that has gone under... it is not the same as worshiping God. The only "shame" in this discussion is your false moniker!

Note: IMperf_X_ion00 blocks JesusIsFalseGod, discussion continues on JesusIsFalseGod's home page...

012- JesusIsFalseGod:  ...my moniker states fact

013- JesusIsFalseGod: ...did jesus worshipped himself or someone other than him? what kind of god worships?

014- IMperf_X_ion00: You angry man... You sinner... You don't deserve half the answer... Theology is a conciliatory language.

015- IMperf_X_ion00: It is another way of saying Jesus was Godsend. Son of God, yes. But, first and foremost "Son of Man". Change your moniker please... try something like: WeDontDeserveJesus.

016- IMperf_X_ion00: Provoking people like this will do good to no one!

017- JesusIsFalseGod: IMperf_X_ion00 its you who have blocked me and you are calling me angry. i didnt call you any name or made condescending comments its you who is stalking me. my moniker perfectly states the truth why should i change my moniker. its my freedom

018- JesusIsFalseGod: i am not abusing jesus i am simply stating he is not god he was a human being and no more than that. if you are a worshiper of jesus than you are just a worshiper of man thats it. worship the ONE that jesus worshipped

019- IMperf_X_ion00: Whatever message you are trying to propagate, only your hate will resonate in the world up above and the one down below.

020- IMperf_X_ion00: I am not stalking you... Your moniker emanates hatred and contempt. You are either ignorant or a "Jesus hater"...

021- JesusIsFalseGod: if i call a man a dog thats hate but if i call a man not god thats not hate. imperf you lack intellect and you have lost in argument thats why you are stalking me and you have ban me

022- IMperf_X_ion00: It is no obligation for me to explain to you (yet again) in the simplest words why I find your moniker to be insulting...

023- IMperf_X_ion00: JesusIsFalseGod, whatever "freedom" you are longing for, it is not Jesus that is holding you back. A dog on a leash sometimes is better than a dog on the run...

024- JesusIsFalseGod: IMperf_X_ion00 stop stalking me and you can msg on my board when you have some brain and have unban me

Note: JesusIsFalseGod blocks IMperf_X_ion00, with one or two deleted comments re-posted on my home page...

025- IMperf_X_ion00: ...your moniker is some form of "hate" propaganda. I have blocked you indefinitely for displaying that.