saves the day! saves the day!

May 15, 2016, 8:08 AM |

6:15 am. Saturday. During the week this would be the time to get up. It is the weekend. Happily I sink back into the mattress.
6:18. Checking the alarm clock again.
6:27. Was there a knock on the door? No, fortunately not.
6:28. Back in the bed again.
6:40, maybe a minute more, maybe a minute less. Fell asleep again.
6:52. Birds are making noises. Sun is shining. It would have been clever to repair the sunblind that got damaged last week.
7:04. Back pain kicks in.
7:12. Getting up. Having a jealous look at my wife who is sleeping deeply.

7:16. website is opened. Yeah, time to play some Blitz!
8:00. Horrible. Just horrible. Three games lost, all because of blunder.
8:07. The tactics trainer also provides only these over difficult positions that probably no grand master could ever deal with!

8:15. Who is programming these unsolvable drills?

8:16. What now? 

8:22. I've got the idea. Let's see, how the Grand masters play. After that I will be better prepared!
8:24. Great video. The Masters voice is steady and calm. Then the figurines become blurred somehow. But he surely has a point, I just don't get it. The voice seems to purr like a small stream. It ensures, that I get, what I need most. 

Again saved my day!