Management Summary: The most common chess mistake (GM Igor Smirnov)

Management Summary: The most common chess mistake (GM Igor Smirnov)

Jun 4, 2016, 5:47 AM |

Studying chess can be fun. However, it's for sure time consuming, to find the things that are important to study - and to make a review about the main conclusions of the lesson.

Since I exactly do that at the moment, it may be helpful for my friends and other readers, to also get my review. This may result in either skip an article / lession / video, or to get deeper into the topic by using the provided link.


The most common chess mistake (GM Igor Smirnov)

Smirnovs' main idea in this video is this:

Especially under time pressure players tend to trade pieces, when the opponent offers it. This can be even more often seen, when the involved pieces seem to produce some kind of pressure. However, if the opponent gives the opportunity to trade, he probably often benefits from it (e.g. because of his pieces become more active). The opposite is true, when your opponent takes something - often your activity is increased. He concludes:


The idea is illustrated on some examples. Have a look at one of it here!



Of course there are exceptions to the rule, so it is always wise to cross-check.



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