Poker Thoughts

Mar 18, 2011, 9:49 AM |

Today in poker thoughts I will like to talk about a nice little hand I played recently.

If you guys cant follow,then is not for you ( who are we kidding, I am writing this little thig for me to blow some good luck if you read it)

6MAX fulltilt $30 buy in, all fold to the blinds ( am big ) small min raise I have K10 and call, flop K88 ( AWSOME RIGHT? no not really) small bets half, I call, turn blank, check I bet , small min raises........yup....... min resaises clear fold, but not for me I spill all and the last mohican croks call shows AA Cool  your boy has a story to tell. Moral is simple pot controll Undecided pot control, turn check call bullet on the river.