Some consistency at last!

Feb 15, 2012, 1:48 AM |

Well it's been almost a year since i played with any real consistency. Back when i had myself over 2300 on here. I have gone from 1946 to 2043 so far. This is because i have won 10 out of 11 games. Including:

* 2 wins again +1600 players

* 2 wins against +1700 players

* 2 wins against an +1800 player.

* 3 wins against +1900 players.

* And 1 win so far against a +2000 player. With 1 loss to a +2200 player who was apparently cheating somehow.

I have to admit i am feeling confident about my ability to win against players of +2000 level, more often than i have done so in the past and maybe get back over 2300 again.

I can only figure my improvement has come from slowing myself down on the games and thinking more carefully before making moves and on playing less games that allow me the time to concentrate better on each game. I hope i continue to play well and at last get back over 2200 or above by the end of the yr.