Kindle; Chess Exam (free for Prime);; Programmers of Apps

Kindle; Chess Exam (free for Prime);; Programmers of Apps

IM IgorKhmelnitsky
Oct 7, 2012, 3:44 PM |


I recently got a new Kindle Fire HD wi-fi. This is my first tablet. I wanted to share some thoughts and ask some questions.

1. I like Kindle, especially how easy it is to use for some basic entertainment. Nothing too technical. So far, my only issue is with the battery. Seems like I am charging it every day!

2. Awhile ago I published excerpts from my Chess Exam: You vs. Fischer (see my blog) as an e-book (40 pages vs. 192 in the book). Today I made this e-book available for free to Amazon Prime members and $2.99 (minimum required by Amazon) for others. Has anyone read it? I am not planning to release my books in their entirety in e-book format just yet.

3. Has anyone used on Fire HD? I found an App in the Amazon’s app store, but Amazon said it wasn’t compatible. What is the best way?

4. I might be interested in getting in touch with a few programmers who have some experience in creating apps for Android? I have an idea I may want to explore in the future. Please drop me a note via or using this form