Lessons from the simul

Lessons from the simul

IM IgorKhmelnitsky
Feb 1, 2010, 5:37 PM |


Back in December, my good friend Nigel Mitchell invited me to play a simul and present my new book "Chess Exam Matches: You vs. Fischer"at the North Penn Chess Club (NPCC) in Lansdale, PA, where he is one of the officers. I eagerly accepted, recalling fond memories from my past tournaments there in the 90s and a simul a couple of years back. The final details were worked out with Eric Funk, another officer of the club. Finally, on December 11, I arrived at the club and saw many of the familiar faces, among them Don Funk, Bob Kampia and Father Farrell, as well as some new faces.

Read about the simul and study a couple of interesting positions here:

Part 1 (article on my site) - http://www.iamcoach.com/chess/Examples/20091219/20091219.htm

and Part 2 (video on YouTube) - http://www.youtube.com/user/Igorkey1

Good luck!


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