Pandolfini recommends Chess Exams... again!

Pandolfini recommends Chess Exams... again!

IM IgorKhmelnitsky
May 17, 2011, 6:27 PM |

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I am thrilled to learn that the legendary Bruce Pandolfini recommends my Chess Exam books in his regular contributions to I already shared his earlier comments in my blog last year.

Just a few weeks ago I saw the following post:

Question (abbreviated by me) ... I didn't play for many years until three years ago when I joined a site on the net and got trapped again by chess. But I can't improve my game (and I don't know how to). I will not become a master in the coming years. But I want to play good chess for my satisfaction and to exercise my brain, so is it possible to get some advice from you for improvement? Thank you in advance for a sincere answer. Yosi Raba (Israel)

Answer: The best way to improve you chess is to play often, especially facing opponents a little ahead of you, and then to have your play critiqued by a knowledgeable observer. ...

...You should also put effort into absorbing general principles, key middlegame formations, and basic endgame theory. Jeremy Silman's books, such as the impressive How to Reassess Your Chess, are excellent for all of that and more. You might also delve into Rapid Chess Improvement, by Michael de la Maza. Many students have been attracted to its fresh outlook and approach. I also heartily recommend Igor Khmelnitsky's You vs. Bobby Fischer. Like Khmelnitsky's earlier work, Chess Exam and Training Guide, it's a remarkably perceptive and satisfying original take on chess instruction. For fun and profit, it also can't hurt to play over a good game collection, with notes easy enough to read without being too taxing. ... See the entire Q&A with Bruce Pandolfini here


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