You vs. Fischer (2009), my new book on self-assessment and improvement

IM IgorKhmelnitsky
Nov 1, 2009, 4:16 PM |

Dear friends,  

Chess Exam You vs Fischer





I'm happy to share with you that after an extensive writing, proofing and editing, my new book in the Chess Exam series is complete. Expected availability of Chess Exam Matches against Chess Legends: You vs. Bobby Fischer, play the match, rate yourself, improve your game is at the end of November, or early December, just in time for the holidays!

I hope that this book will be even more exciting to my readers than my previous two books. It is a comprehensive chess exam with a new twist – you will be "playing a match" against the chess legend Bobby Fischer.

In case you may like to get your personal autographed copy or preview some electronic materials - sample pages and training tools, please see
this link. There you will find info about my new book and all of the pre-order specials I offer.

 I hope you order this book and I also hope to work with you in the near future on my next project.  


Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact me here.
P.S.> If you were not among the testers who helped me on this project and would like to become one, please let me know


Chess Exam 1


.Chess Exam 2