Zigzagging to Success or Dancing with the Q

IM IgorKhmelnitsky
May 13, 2010, 8:58 AM |

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"Zigzagging moves or Dancing with the Queen!" .


In one of my earlier articles, I have already discussed importance of reviewing your games and how even a sample only 3 games can show some unusual patterns, enable a player to be conscious of his poor habits, and thus, improve his/her game. (see it here)


In this article, you will see another interesting pattern I recently saw in a 3-games set from one of my students, as well as a handful of examples with a relevant ideas that came to my mind. They should help to re-enforce the point.


The Q is the strongest and most feared piece due to its mobility. In one move, it can cross the entire board in any directions along a straight line. Experienced players learn to pay great attention to the Q's moves and fortify their positions accordingly. As players  improve their calculation skills, they simultaneously increase their ability to regionalize threats and capitalize on opportunities. However, this process can aided by simply learning new methods and patterns.


In this lecture, I'll show you a pattern that I call "Zigzagging Q moves"


You can see the lecture on my website


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