Fritz 15 seems slow

May 29, 2016, 6:51 AM |

I was a happy user of Deep Fritz 14, with a couple of reservations, and decided when Fritz 15 came out that I would invest my hard-earned wonga in it. After using it, I do get the feeling that I don't have much for my money.

My main gripe with DF14 was with the Database Browser pane, and the fact that there was no way it would show your personally created databases, and even for Chessbase databases it would only show a maximum of 6 databases. My hope was that this had been addressed in Fritz 15, but it hasn't.

The main problem I am having with Fritz 15 is that the engine runs very slowly in comparison to other engines and results in taking a long time to get to the same ply depth during game analysis. My system is a quad-core AMD chip with 8gb of ram and solid state hard drive. The engines compared have been set up with varying amounts of system memory from 128gb to 4096gb for the hash file, and using 4 cores. With no special setup, DF14 and Stockfish 64-bit easily attain 3500-4000kN/s. F15 has only ever achieved 1500-2000kN/s, is often only hundreds and has even displayed single figure kN/s???

Does anyone else have any experience with Fritz 15, and can you offer any suggestions as to what the issue is. If somebody from Chessbase were to respond, that would be refreshing, because they are very hard to get any response from, despite my request for information about the Database Browser issue and the slow engine issue. Thanks in advance.