About Me currently

Mar 17, 2016, 7:22 AM |

so my life changes alot and gets busy and slow. oh lets not lie my life is the same boring thing lol.. 

SO first things first im back!

(I go for months of not coming on here and then come back so sorry to all my friends on here) 

secondly HI!!!!!

third off i was awful the last time i was playing but now im alot better. like maybe my brain was too small last time idk.

but im okay at bullet i still have alot  to learn.

i do have a job so im not on at all on Wednesdays.

im not sure why i was lying about how old i was??? im almost 16 though and my parents wont let me start driving. (Age limit in US to start learning is 15)  probs because of my constant snarkyness and sarcasm soo... its not without reason. not that i have anywhere to go really so... i take the bus alot. its not as bad as some people mae it out to be though.

i would take a picture to post here but my face has hitchicking red blobs living on it and my hair isnt brushed rn.. 

before you ask yes i should be doing school rn. im supposed to be doing spanish right now.. 

im homeschooled until september when im taking some college stuff and finishing my highschool if i get accepted.


so thats it for now. and dont be afraid to ask me questions. im actually very nice to my friends. but "the universe becomes a very small place when im angry with you" lol see you on the board? do people say that? idk