The Game of Life

Dec 26, 2011, 1:43 PM |

Every time I face my chess board I cannot help imagining myself facing a miniature version of my own life. As in the real version, I often lose in the model. But I strive on, and I know so do you. 

I like my rooks for there is something very straight about their gait. I like straightness in life and in sport. I know I am the crazy opener, but instead of the common e4 opening, I tend to open with an a4 or an h4 in the hope of clearing the paths for my rooks. I go an extra mile for the straightness in my life. 

I don't like castling. I never have. I view it as an impediment rather than a security. I do not know why everyone likes it so. To me it makes little sense. In many ways of thinking , it is just a move in the wrong direction or a lost move at best. 

But then again what do I know about chess. I just play by instinct and try to have a good game while I am at it - life I mean. Did you think I meant chess? Silly.