Sanity before Play

Oct 27, 2010, 8:35 AM |


    Sanity before Play

The light is falling through the ground
thoughts are screaming into sound
Why cant I just see my fate
Darkness is this cause of hate.

Acid raindrops take my soul
shattering water, rage for control
Nothing left to fill the void
Seeing no one here to save.

Couldn't you just scream your name
steal away my growing shame
has death found you're broken past
Has that blade, cut you your last.

Now I lay down to my sleep
pray of god, my soul to keep
If I shall die before I wake
pray of god my soul to take...

Blood stained eyes, anxiety wins over
My silhouette has faded, you failed to stay sober
If this is all I have to fight with
your death has risen, Now your simply a myth.

Endless agony, existence is ridiculed
lasting thoughts of a terrible suicide
high pitched shards of glass break through
piercing directly into you.

No solace here, clouded away by evil
Sinister dreams, to labyrinth to remember
Remember this thought for it shall haunt you
think only of peace, let darkness evoke you..