We are trapped here in uncertainty,
Searching for answers to questions unknown,
No one tells you to look in the shadows,
You figure that out over time.

To unfocus your mind and soul,
Opening your eyes to new possibilities,
Going in your own direction,
and not the one everyone takes you.

We watch the seasons change, the sun goes down,
People come and people go,
With us in the background left to wonder...
When did our perspective on time change so suddenly?

Did we let life pass us by, wandering in our past?
Or become stuck in familiar motions, every day always the same?

Maybe time just stopped altogether, has reality lost its grip on you?

There is something in our essence, that screams at me.
Begging to be let free, to roam the chaos of the world.
Explore forgotten places, and find forgotten things.

There is more to this life then your morning cup of coffee,
or the job you go to every morning.
There is more to this universe then temporary satisfaction.

Emotions are simply surface.
Beauty is merely flesh.
Words are only breath.

Look around you.
There is so much more hiding under our thoughts