Tournament Games, pt 1

Aug 17, 2013, 3:14 AM |

Okay so, just yesterday I was very bored because I had the whole day off (it was a school holiday) and I had absolutely nothing to do. So, I decided to kill some time playing chess on After entering the site, I decided to join a Live Tournament ( I just felt like it ).

In this blogpost, I would like to share the games which I played in the tournament mentioned above.

The tournament was a 15|10 standard tournament, in Swiss format and had a total of 5 rounds to be played. It is opened to member with a rating range of 1200-1499. I have played exceptionally well (I think) in the tournament and has went on to take 1st place.

Here are the games (with annotations by me Tongue Out):

Game 1

Okay, so that went well. It's just the first round, but a good beginning makes a good ending right?

Game 2

Yeah! Won 2/2. Although the 2nd game was won only because of the opponent's blunder and mistakes, but who cares? A win is still a win right? I'm just glad that it was he who blundered and not me.

So, now I'm very tired after annotating the games and also writing this blogpost, I would like to leave Game 3-5 for another day. 'Til next time bye! But in the meanwhile I would really appreciate it if you would spare some time to drop a comment on how well ( or how terrible ) my games and annotation were.